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Image of Victor Ash - The Wolf

Victor Ash - The Wolf

· Apx 443,00 €
· 1 color screen print on 300 gsm texture paper with natural grain
· 57 x 76 cm
· Edition of 30
· Signed and numbered by the artist
· Reproduction of the Copenhagen wall piece, on B&W Hallerne, Denmark, 2015. Realised for the Copenhell Festival.

Ash works mostly in the street and the works are ”in your face” and visible to everyone, also to those who have not actively sought them out. He says; “It’s very exciting for me as an artist to work in this way. When you’re placing a present like that in a public space, it creates an interaction with people you’d never talk to otherwise. It’s something you give to the people and making paintings outside like this, is a gift to the public.” In this sense his art is democratic and unavoidable and manifests itself in the form of public statements completely in line with the spirit of street art.

Image of Victor Ash - The Wolf
Image of Victor Ash - The Wolf
Image of Victor Ash - The Wolf