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Image of Søren Arildsen - Untitled #9

Søren Arildsen - Untitled #9

· 1500 DKK / Apx. 202 €
· Original work
· colour crayon on black paper
· A4 (210 mm x 297 mm)
· Year 2017
· Signed

Arildsen about his work:

I’ve always drawn, since kindergarten to this day and age, I was and is still known as the kid that draws. In my earlier youth, I traded my drawings for pokémon cards and candy, since then I've slightly matured with time, and some people have been willing to pay more than that. My drawings don't have any determined shape or style, it's more of an assortment of concepts and drawing-styles, each lead by different ideas. Which makes some of my work look like the product of different people, instead of one kid who likes to draw different things.

Image of Søren Arildsen - Untitled #9