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Image of Palefroi - Cross-Pollination V : Plantes

Palefroi - Cross-Pollination V : Plantes

DKK 650 / Apx 88 €

Edition of 50
Signed and numbered.
Screen printed by hand
50 x 70 cm
1 color

Palefroi is Damien Tran and Marion Jdanoff, two french artists currently based in Berlin.
They work at the crossroads of printmaking, illustration, publishing and applied arts. Their artistic practice is entangled with silkscreen and has many forms: artists' books, zines, installations, posters and art prints.

Palefroi: "Although printmaking involves reproducing an image, our prints are not copies of an original. They are themselves original artwork; the printing and creative process are intertwined.
We use water based inks, on high quality and acid free paper. All our prints are editioned, signed and numbered. We never reprint them"

The Series Cross Pollination was published for the eponym collective exhibition, curated by Guillaume Siffert, the man behind the heroic shop Le Petit Mignon.
Cross pollination gathers Ben Sanair, Arrache-Toi Un Oeil, Atelier McClane, Thomas Perrodin and Palefroi.
For the first edition of the exhibition, each of us gave a recurring theme prevalent in their artistic practice. The rule was then to produce one print per theme, giving 5 different approach to the same list of words.

Image of Palefroi - Cross-Pollination V : Plantes