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Image of Andreas Emenius - Untitled II

Andreas Emenius - Untitled II

4900 DKK / Apx. 658 EUR

· Acrylics and ink on heavy weight archival paper.
· 55 cm x 75 cm
· Original
· Year 2017
· Signed

Swedish born Emenius is a graduate of Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, London, and today lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Visualizing the pulsating energies given out by people and objects, to capture their gravity and movements, the intangible and
the temporary by harnessing the dominant sensation in the whirlwind of modern life. His studies of the world are often translated into choreographed spatial 'situations' with ambiguous and fragmented narratives that takes in death, suburbia, ascension, threat, popular culture and science fiction.

Image of Andreas Emenius - Untitled II
Image of Andreas Emenius - Untitled II