Jakob Tolstrup – Blades


Image of Jakob Tolstrup – Blades

· Apx. 215,00 €
· 2 color lithography on handmade, 300 gsm acid free paper.
· 57 cm x 77 cm
· Edition of 31
· Signed and numbered by the artist
· Printed at Det Grafiske Værksted i Hjørring (DGV)

Jakob Tolstrup, born in Demark in 1983, residing in Berlin.

The marvelous paintings and illustrations by graffiti-inspired Danish artist Jakob Tolstrup, describe his worldview in the humorous way of someone who was born in the middle of nowhere – the countryside of Denmark. During the last couple of years, Jakob not just pushed his amazing painting series forward, experimenting with different techniques, materials and mediums, but also worked together with different galleries and invoiced several papers and magazines for his illustration works.

"My earlier work use to have a lot of political content, but as I grow older I got more and more disillusioned about society…" (Jakob Tolstrup)

His works has been shown in Hong Kong, New York, Copenhagen and Berlin.
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by Jakob Tolstrup
Image of Jakob Tolstrup – Blades Image of Jakob Tolstrup – Blades Image of Jakob Tolstrup – Blades